Friday, February 12, 2016

Five Stupid Questions Asked to Fat People

Being a fat person is like being  famous! You are always under the spot light while everyone around is judging and talking about you, the only thing famous people enjoy that we don’t is the money!!!  Bad for us!

And as a part of being 'famous' we get asked a lot of questions, some of them are normal while others are offensive and just STUPID! Here are five of these questions:

1- "Have you ever thought of losing weight?!!"
-Lose weight you say! Of course NOT! Do you know how hard I worked to get this fat! Do you know how much extra food I had to eat to be like this!

-No, I have not! I like my big belly and the fact that I have to literally suffer to find something  good to buy even when I have money!

-What are you talking about? Lose weight! Why, I am stunning !!! I thought I needed to gain weight.

The question itself and the way it is asked are very thoughtless. We, the overweight people think about this issue with every passing minute. We live the situation, it is not only about how you look but also it is related to our health. So, please people, stop asking this question.

2-"You should lose weight otherwise you will never get married, do you want this to happen to you? Do you?!"

What the F***! In my society this question is often directed at females. Females find themselves obligated to lose weight just to find a groom. The groom in this case would have a list, an actual list, of what he wants her to be like: tall, blond, has green eyes and skinny.

They want her to be skinny with big boobs and round ass… as if they are manufacturing a girl not marrying one. And guess what, most of those guys have many problems with their bodies. But we all know that no matter what level of equality we reach between men and women, women will always be judged for the way they look but men will be way less judged because they are men. (Thank God I am a man! cut me a slack!)

Here is the idealistic message that I have: Marry someone who will love you for who you are not for the way you look like. I know that appearance is important (and in my case it is very important otherwise I wouldn't be writing this blog post) but marriage is supposed to be a life time relationship, people get old and wrinkled and they gain weight. Choose someone who would love you at your worse for you to work hard to be your best for him.

3-"Do you really want to buy/order  that?"
We often face this question in supermarkets  or restaurants and YES, I want to buy that. I know that it has like zillion million calories in it and I want to buy it, I know I will feel horrible after I eat it and yet I still want to buy it. And one more thing, don't talk to me as if I were a baby! GET LOST PLEASE!!!

4-"What happened to you? How come you became that big?"
Again, if there is a national anthem that is full of curses then I would be dedicating it to you. Those people look at you as if you are an alien who have just landed from the outer space.
My answer would be like: " I was super skinny but then I woke up one day after drinking a sort of yellow drink and I found myself like that. What do you think has happened?! Am I being a part of a scientific experiment!!!

We all know how this happened, I made some wrong choices, a lot of them actually. And it is not as if we do not regret them, it is just that some people have stronger will power than the others.

5-"Are you pregnant?"
I could simply understand if this question was asked to an overweight woman because there is the slightest chance that the person who asked her is mistaken and he or she is  asking her out of good intentions.

But what about asking it to a man intending to make fun of him. It does not matter whether you are a stranger or his best friend, this kind of questions is not only offensive but it makes the other person feels humiliated. And the shocking news is that they get surprised if you even showed the least amount of anger towards their questions.

Bottom line, I am not saying that being overweight is a beautiful thing. It is challenging and it affects all your life, it affects your health and self-esteem. But my message is to stop asking these questions and let the people live their lives normally and if you really need to help, give an advice in a caring way. Know when to say it and what words to use.

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  1. These people asking fat people these questions will regret one day lol !! .. On the other hand, there are many trivia questions asked to the - skinny people - the same way the fat people are asked in. BUT here is a question raised, which are worse being too fat, or too skinny ?, being afraid of their being both worse and worse !! Damn hehehe !!


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