Monday, August 25, 2014

Let's Dance .. to the War !!!

“let’s dance.”

“Are you crazy!! Are you out of your mind, we are in the middle of the war.. “
“Let’s dance.”
“We are being bombed every single minute, there is no electricity, no water and no life.”
“Let’s dance.”
“Look at yourself with your shorts and torn undershirt..”
“Let’s dance.”
“Look at me, I haven’t changed my clothes in over a week, and the last time I showered was ancient history.”
He stood up, smiled at her as a teenager meeting the girl he loves for the first time and  moved towards her, she stood still while he put his hands around her waist. For no reason, she who has been married to him for over two decades, blushed !
He held her close to him, she whispered :”But there is no music”
“Can’t you hear that beautiful melody around us ?”
“It is dark, I will fall.”
“I will catch you…”
“You will fall”
“In love with these eyes? I have already fallen into them.”
“Oh God ! Flares !”
“And you said it is dark!”
“I am afraid”
“I love you.”
She raised one hand in the air artistically and leaned backward, then returned back to find his hand waiting for hers to catch.. Elegantly, they started dancing, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her and she couldn’t feel nothing but happy…
“They are bombing!”, she said while dancing.
“Listen to the music and dance.”
“What if they bomb our house?”
“Listen to the music and dance”
“What if we died?”
“We would die… dancing!”
Under the sounds of bombs and lights of flares, they danced !!!


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