Thursday, July 24, 2014

When the War is Over... A Palestinian Hope

“When the war is over, I want to…” is a new facebook page in Arabic created by Palestinians who refused to lose hope during the difficult situation they are living and the massacres and crimes that are committed in Gaza Strip.

In this page, they express their hopes and what they will do when the war is over. Maybe it is their way of gaining psychological strength or positive energy to be able to go through the whole horrible experience that no one knows when it will be over.

Here are the translations of some of the hopes, dreams and plans that Gaza people have in mind about what to do when the war is over:

-          I want to shout, yell and fly.

-          I want to pray for Allah because we are still alive and pray for the people who martyred .

-          I want to see my friends, I really miss them so much, I want to make sure they are all safe.

-          I want to travel to PARIS !!!

-          I want to go out with my ‘guys’ and spend all night out.

-          I want to sleeeeeeep !!!

-          I want to go to a psychiatrist for help.

-          I want to visit my friends and put silly posts on facebook as we used to do.

-          I want to see what happened to my beautiful Gaza.

-          I want to go to the sea and BREATHE .

-          I want to pray Al Eid prayer in Al Aqsa mosque ( I am being very optimistic , lol)

-          I want to re-consider a lot of relationships in my life. This war showed me who cares and who does not. 

-          I want to cut my hair and shave my beard !!!!

-          I want to start an organization that deals with after-war traumas.

-          I want to go to the martyrs’ graves and read Al Fatiha Sura.

-          I want to help the victims of the war.

-          I want to go to the sea and cry.

-          I want to ululate !!!

-          I want to love Gaza , its people, streets and every detail about it.

-          I want to sit with my beloved ones and laugh all the time.

-          I want to invite my brothers and sisters since we weren’t able to do so in Ramadan.

-          I want to hear the children’s laughter.

-          I want to visit my grandfather, I miss seeing him every week and listen to his stories.

-          I want to donate, to volunteer , to help… I want to do anything to help the victims.

-          I have a long ‘to do ‘ list that I have been postponing, but this war taught me never to postpone anything.

-          I want to plant flowers everywhere, I want to wipe the tears of the sad ones.

-          I want to eat my grandmother’s cooking.

-          I want to sleep in my bed and make food in my kitchen.

-          I want to see my nephew and play with him until he kicks  me out of the room .

-          I want to dream !!

-          I want to say hello to everyone, even the people that I do not know.

-          I want to visit every mom who lost her child and hug her.

-          I want to write reports and document everything that happened.

-          I want to make a new birth certificate celebrating that I am alive.

-          I want to go shopping J

-          I want to visit the children who lost their parents and spend the Eid with them.

-          I want to go to the university.

-          I want to buy new clothes for my children to celebrate the Eid.

-          I want to change my whole life and start memorizing the holy Qur’an.

-          I want to sit by the window feeling safe.

-          I want to visit the graves of my friends who martyred in during the war and tell them that I miss them.

-          I want to complete building my home and GET MARRIED !!!

-          I want to cry, for every soul that we lost during the war , for every house that was demolished, for every time I slept terrified that it will be my last…

-          I will try to feel happy for the result I got in tawjihi (high school) exams.

-          I will go out with my friend and eat falafel !!

-          I want to live my life !!

-          I want to celebrate my 21st birthday.

-          I want to see the street and walk in it.

-          I want to do my wedding that was cancelled because of the war.

-          I want to say ‘ I love you ‘ to all the people that I love and never hide my feelings again.

And the wishes and dreams of Gazans goes on and on. These hopes show something very important, that Palestinians, teach life, sir !!!


  1. Please know that the people of Gaza are in the thoughts and prayers of people all over the world. May you have peace soon.

  2. Thank you my dear. Please keep praying ♡♡♡

  3. Hello i am from Athens. Μany of my friends are in jail right now because of ideology and struggle against the junta state that we have here. We fight for them.
    Also and you live in a land, a land like prison... byt this land is yours.
    Fight for her with any way and cost.
    From here... We are with you.

    Along with those ... not kneel in captivity ... no exchange dignity ... do not leave prison to be built in them.


    (Keep strong and safe)

  4. Ziad, as a zionist Jew, i liked the humanity of your writing. There is universality in your thoughts and feelings and it is this that appeals. I stand firmly behind the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. I hope that u will be able to chose a leadership that truly has your best interests at heart. Until that happens, there is little hope for peace.


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