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Heroes (Stories during the Israeli Attack on Gaza)

“ I had a fight with my father , he stood by the door and tried to prevent me from going out. “, said Karam, whom I was talking to through the phone.

Karam is a friend of mine, he is a nurse. He works in a hospital in Khan younis, yet his house is far away from there. During the first days of the Israeli attack on Gaza, a bus used to come and take him and the other workers in the same area to the hospital, but that day it did  not come. The situation was very critical and dangerous.

“I had to leave, the lives of my other colleagues  are not cheaper than mine. Humanity forces us to put our lives in danger just to help those in need during this difficult situation.”

He continues: “The streets were empty , I felt I was walking in a ghosts’ neighborhood (Arabic expression ). It took me a long time of walking to find a car to take me to the hospital. I was the ONLY one in the car.

“Are there a lot of injuries arriving to the hospital, Karam?” , I asked.

“In our hospital, not a lot compared to the other hospitals, our hospital is not equipped and ready for such a crisis.”


“Ziad, you know what is the most difficult situation ?”

I did not even want to ask him to answer his question. I am the person who hides the photos of killed children and destroyed houses that the social media websites are full of these days.


He continues: “A young guy, 18 years old , arrived to the hospital. The most difficult thing is that his whole family died and he does not know yet. They asked us in the hospital not to tell him because this will affect him deeply. “


“Ziad, are you still there?”

He was just describing my biggest fear. Death is a terrifying thing, but the death of my beloved ones is even more terrifying. I just cannot understand how a mother can receive the news of her children dying for NO REASON! How can an 18 year old guy find himself without his family members, he is probably a freshman at university, OH GOD !! if he survives this awful war, how can he survive living the best years of his life with no family to hold him and share his experiences.

“Yes Karam, I am … Please, take good care of yourself.”

“You too.”

Group of Gazan Nurses and Paramedics

I was at the pharmacy  buying some medicine for my mom. The pharmacist, whom I have been friends with for almost ten years now,  stays in his pharmacy , giving babies shots and selling medicine to those in need even under the attack.

His mom and wife keep calling him and making sure that he is safe. A mom is a mom, not matter what age her son is, when he talks to her, his tone of voice changes, you can see the child inside the over-30-year-old man who is married with two children.

A car stopped and a man came inside the pharmacy quickly, he was holding a pack full of medicine, I figured out htat he works for the company that distributes medicine to the pharmacies. As a robot, he said hi, gave him the medicine and was about to leave.

“Don’t you want me to sign the bill?” , Ahmad, my friend,  asked.

“After the war, I will get you all the bills to sign. There are plenty of pharmacies in need for medicine that I have to go to.”

On his way out, Ahmad told him: “By the way, I am sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.”

My heart almost stopped beating, what I figured out later that  a family member of his just died the previous day in the attack and yet he was doing his job, jeopardizing his life to save the others.


Karam, Ahmad and the guy distributing medicine are, in my opinion, real heroes jeopardizing their own lives to safe others during the attack. Gaza is full of others who are as brave and even more brave than them. All my love and prayers to them to stay safe.

While writing these words, the number of martyrs is over 165 and the number of wounded is over 1000. May Allah protect us all.


  1. May Allah protect you and all my fellow moslem in Gaza. Salam from Malaysia..

  2. Amen, thanks for your prayers... Please, keep Gaza and its people in your thoughts and prayers <3

  3. Allahuma ahliki thalimeena bi thalimeen. Stay Strong akhi, Allah certainly with you


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