Sunday, July 20, 2014

Al Shajaia Massacre: Over 40 killed, 200 injured and families trapped in their homes under the bombing

“We are trapped in our home, our house was bombed and we’ve been calling the ambulance and the ICRC for the last 12 hours but they refuse to come saying it is dangerous. “ says Mohammad, 16 years old, who lives in Shejaia, Montar.

The Israeli offensive has been going on for almost two weeks now, no place in Gaza is safe, but last night, Shejaia was the main victim of it. Tanks were bombing non stop and the air strikes were continuous  during all the night. The families were terrified and couldn’t run away. Some of them were courageous enough to decide leaving, but not all of them were  lucky enough to survive !! Dead bodies are all over the streets.

For the lucky ones (I am not sure if ‘lucky’ is the right term, maybe ‘survivors’ is better), they had no place to go to in the middle of the night, many of them went to Al Shifa hospital, till this moment they are staying there not knowing were to go while others , few of them , went to houses of family members.  In addition to that, one school-turned shelter received 1000 people from Shajaia in during one hour only this morning.

People who ran away stayed in Al Shifa hospital because they have no other place to go.

People running away.

I WILL NOT put pictures of dead bodies or children and I will never will. For those who have strong hearts, you can check the internet for pictures of the victims.

There is no need to mention that the victims were civilians, women, children, old men and in addition to that journalists and paramedics.

Right now, negotiations are going on  to agree on a 3-hour ceasefire where the paramedics can go and help the injured people and pick up the dead bodies. Nothing  is confirmed (while writing this article).

Twitter was filled with tweets by people beseeching others for help, praying for their beloved ones and covering what is happening :

My friend who lives in the east of Shajaia said to me : "The stuation is shit ! 12 martyred in my family and till now we haven't been able to get them out. Our house is destroyed !!!”

"All my family is under attack and bombing, they haven't been able to leave Shajaia yet"

        Two martyred paramedics arrive to Al Shifaa hospital from Al Shajaia "

We have nothing to do but to pray that this war will be over.

Ziad Bakri


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  1. Thank God the war it is over. Palestine had a terrible loss in lives, Israel had a bigger loss: reputation and respect, once you lose them, it is very difficult to recover, lives will never be recovered either, they become martyrs, Israel became a war criminal which is worse. May God bless you all and keep resisting while de world begins to wake up. Some day the whole world will open its eyes and turn the head to Palestine and support it for ever. Don't quit, count on our solidarity spreading world-wide


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