Friday, June 27, 2014

Moments - Part 3

That moment when you have nothing and everything to lose.

"Let's gamble over them."

She did not know where the words came from, but she realized later that she was the one who said them. Time had literally stopped, the whole scene around her was like a boring painting hanging in a museum, yet this one was not boring at all, the intense feelings made it look as if it was sitting over a volcano that is about to erupt.

He was by the door leaving when he turned his back and asked her unbelieving :"Let's what ?"

Sweat was dropping down her face when she answered him, ignoring the two shocked men surrounding her at the table: "You heard me well, let us GAMBLE OVER THEM."

He smiled and asked :"And what makes you feel that I would agree to gamble over what I already have?"

"Because you can never resist gambling. Sit down and let us play."

He could feel the fear in her eyes, but her words were not to be resisted. As it has always been, he felt as if a magical hand pushing him towards that table that, moments ago, was just a normal one for negotiations, but now it is the gambling space, the forbidden place.

He sat quietly, one of the men sitting on the table told him : "Before you do anything, …"

He raised his hand for him to stop talking :"Shhh, I know what I am doing. Just pick up the papers."

The man picked up three papers, she and the other man sitting on the other side read them quietly and then said :"Let us start."

Three minutes, three quick games would change their lives forever, a voice within her asked her what the hell she was doing, but she realized that by that time it was too late to go back.

First game, she won. He signed the first paper and gave it to her.

Second game, she won too. He signed the paper and gave it to her.

Third game, she lost. He took the third paper and tear it apart.

She wanted to cry , she wanted to put her hand on her chest to calm down her beating heart but the state of shock she was living prevented her.

He stood and said : "Go and get the two you won, and leave the third one. And then go to your family gathering, it should start in an hour, right ?"

She stood up as if she were a robot and went to the room. The man she was gambling against was her horrible ex-husband and the two men around them were their lawyers, he was such a horrible person that she was not willing to fight for any of her possessions during the negotiations, all she needed was the divorce, but she could not lose them without one last brave fight.

She got into the room, looked at her sleeping children, took the two ones she won and left the third one sleeping alone !

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