Thursday, May 15, 2014

Moments - Part 2

 That moment when something dies inside of you !!!

He stood by the door, crying like a young boy who has just lost his mom in the crowds, he looked aimlessly around himself praying for a miracle to happen… but he was not the only crying, there was another person, an actual young boy, on the other side of the room doing the same. The other person's tears reminded him of an incident that happened with him years ago when he was a child.

"Mommy, did the boy do something wrong?, is this why you are giving him the shot?" he asked innocently.

"No my dear, he did nothing bad, he is just sick and since I am a nurse, it is my  job to give him the shot to get better."

"But the boy is crying mommy, aren't you sad that you are making him cry?"

"I am sad because he is crying, but after the shot he will be much better, and one day, when you become a doctor, you will have to give your patients shots, some of them will be young boys like this one, he will feel the pain but after that he will be much better, believe me, you will be giving him a medicine that will help him be cured or even save his life. That is what nurses and doctors do, they save lives. "


The cries of the boy pulled him back to reality, he moved slowly to the sink as a murderer being prepared for prosecution, he cleaned his hands, took the shot and prepared it.While walking towards the boy, he took a glance at his diploma hanging on the wall. He remembered the day he graduated from  the faculty of medicine.

It was a glamorous evening, all his beloved ones were there, his parents, siblings and friends. He took his certificate and looked at all the people in the hall and said:

"I swear, that starting from now, I will use the knowledge and experience I have gained to serve the humanity and help reduce the suffering in the world. I , Dr. Ibrahim, (he paused, smiled with pride and then continued), promise you to play a role in making this world a much better place."

Everyone stood up and he could hear nothing but applause.

They say that when someone is about to die, a flashback of all the memorable events in his  life play in front of him as a movie, and his movie continued with a memory of his first child's birth.

He remembered when his wife went into labor and he took her to the hospital, the other doctor asked him to wait outside the delivery room but he refused and yelled at him: "Are you expecting me to leave my wife and unborn son there alone!! I will be there with them in the delivery room, she is the love of my life and he IS my life. I want to be there holding her hand and waiting for him to come to this world, this beautiful world.

I want my hands to be the first thing he feels in this world to know that he will always be safe with me."

He moved towards the boy who was shaking  uncontrollably , held his hand and spoke to him through his tears:

"Please, don't make  me do it , please , don't."

The boy looked at him and said:" I am begging you, please help me, if you do not give me this shot I will die."

"But if I give it to you I will be killing you with my own hands." He started weeping.

"Please , give me the shot, give it to my dad."

The young boy crying at the other side of the room was his 15 year old son, his only son he loved no one more.

It was the end of his work day, he took off his clothes and wore the suit he got with him, he did that in order not to be late for the family gathering. While he was about to leave, his son entered the room and said to him: "Dad, I did something really bad and I need your help."

It is weird how your whole world could turn upside down in a moment, and his moment was when his boy, his young innocent boy, told him that he has been a drug addict for over a year, and that today he was miraculously able to find a shot but no one to give it to him, and he needed him to be the one to give it to him.

The only words to describe what he felt were as if a hand has caught his throat really hard that he was not able to breathe, he wanted to scream at his son or even hit him, but his son did not care, all what he needed was the shot that he got addicted to or he would die. He son moved towards him while he ran towards the door, he cried but his son's tears were louder to the extent that made him move towards him , take the shot and kneel by his side.

He took the shot, looked into his son's eyes and gave it to him.

His son stopped shaking, put his head over the chair and let a sigh of relief. He stood up, wiped his tears and said:"When you are done, go home and we will talk about what happened, I don't want to be late for the family gathering."

That moment when everything dies inside of you, your principles, feelings, the innocence of the world and the love of life….

The people saw a quiet alive man getting out of that clinic, what they did not know is that he was nothing but a dead man … walking!!!


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