Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moments- Part 1

That moment when you do something that is completely against what you believe in, something that you have never thought in a million years you would do, so horrible to the extent that you won't be able to recognize your own reflection when looking at the mirror.


She went quietly  to her bedroom, opened her closet and looked  for a minute at the dresses to choose what to wear.  While she was wearing the one she chose she heard a voice coming from the living room, a voice of the wooden table moving  and the flower vase falling, she stopped for a couple of seconds and then continued dressing.

After that she looked for her foundation, mascara , eye liner , lip stick and her small mirror. Applying the make-up was not an easy thing because of that quiet but persistent voice   coming from outside, she started crooning a melody that she heard in a movie long time ago. She was surprised that she was able to remember that melody, it was  a very boring one, even the movie was boring. She also remembered  how excited she was when it was over. With the voice getting louder, she started singing while putting the different colors of shades over her eyes.

When she finished , she decided to stand up by the big mirror to have a last look at herself to make sure that everything was fine. On her way there she noticed that there was nothing but silence around, she reached the big mirror and looked at herself, she let out a gasp as if she had seen a ghost, she turned her face away and started looking for the perfume. When she found it, she wore some and then left.

She reached the door and while she was opening it, she turned back and looked at her husband's dead body lying on the carpet in the living room, covered with the flowers and water that fell off the broken vase. The  only reason she had in mind for not crying was not to ruin her make-up and have to re-apply it again. She knew that she will find him dead, before she got into her room he had a heart attack and instead of helping him, she left him to die. 

Some might think that her decision was planned for or she had waited for a long time for it  to happen, but this was not true, both of them were invited to a family gathering and when she arrived home she found out by pure coincidence that her husband was about to do something horrible that would ruin the life of the whole family. She was shocked, she cried and begged him not to destroy everything she had worked for , not to be a source of shame for their children, not to disgrace the name of their well-known family, but he refused. She had tolerated a lot because of him, but this time it was unforgivable.

Right in the middle of their argument, he started feeling pain in his heart and left arm, she knew exactly what was going on since she was a nurse. That was the moment of making a life changing decision, to help him and deal with the consequences of what he was about to do, or let him die and move on, and when the gathering is over, she would go home and pretend that he came home and had the heart attack after she left. She couldn't believe that the idea of leaving him die occurred to her mind, he has never been a good husband, parent or even a person, but none of the bad things that he had always done caused her to think that way, during their  30 years of living together she did nothing but being patient, but that time was different. She waited for him to drop on the floor and went to her room to get ready for the party! She had made her decision! 

While locking the door, she figured out why she remembered that melody, they went to see that movie on their 10th anniversary and while watching it, she was thinking that her life with him was just as boring and bad as that movie, she kept wondering when will the horrible movie of her life with him end.  
She locked the door and left ! 

Written by: Ziad Bakri -  11/5/2014

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