Friday, May 17, 2013

Journalism Between Loyalty and Transparency

I had to visit website and look for the controversial video that everyone around me was talking about. The Lebanese journalist who is aiming to destroy the image of Gaza in front of the whole world.

At first, I did not even know her name, for those who know me well, they know that me and politics are fierce enemies and I know nothing about it. It was not difficult at all to know her name and find the video because of the big amounts of articles and blogs attacking Ghadi Fransis for the report she made.

In her segment, she said that a person who does not know Gaza, will not know that it has Movenpick Hotel, will not know that there is Western Union and Money Gram, will not know that an apartment in Al Remal Street has almost the same cost as the one in Beirut –Al Roushe' street and will not know that Gazan people use the Israeli products(but she said that at the end of the sentence "they do not have a choice").

Many questions just popped into my head after watching this segment:
1-   Do we have a Movepick hotel in Gaza ? Yes.
2-  Do we have Western Union and Money Gram in Gaza? Yes.
3-  Does an apartment in Al Remal street costs the same as the one in Al Roushe' Street? Yes (and even more)
4-  Are most of the products that we have made in Israel and we use them because we have to ? Yes.
At the same time, another series of questions came up to my mind:
1-   Does having hotels means that we are not suffering? NO .
2-  Does having Western Union and Money Gram mean that most of the people living in Gaza are not suffering from financial problems and the economical situation is not bad? NO.
3-  Does the fact that Al Rimal apartments are expensive means that no one in Gaza is living in very bad apartments under the worst living conditions ever? NO.

Just as every other place we have good things and bad things, we have one of the highest percentages of educated people but also have one of the highest percentages of unemployment for example.

When I watched the clip on youtube, it was published under the name of " Gaza Scandals from the Inside", I was completely against the title but I noticed that it was NOT mentioned in the clip, and since the clip was just a part of the episode not the whole one, I decided to go and watch it all.

I was shocked, first because the clip was under the name "Gaza Surprises", second because the episode has discussed a lot of issues and showed the reality about many other aspects that were NEVER mentioned in the articles attacking it, for example the fact that the tunnels were a sign of defeating Israel, the history of Gaza and famous Muslim and Christian places in it.

To watch the whole episode, here is the link:

Why do people attack whoever has another opinion or shows an opposing idea? And here I am not saying the Ghadi Francis does, she just showed some things and places that actually happen and exist.

Is the job of journalists these days to show only the suffering of people of Gaza ? Otherwise they are considered 'bad people' who want to destroy the reputation of Gaza? Does this report erase all the others about the martyrs who died during the wars or about the problems that we face?

While writing about this topic I remembered a conversation I had with a close friend of mine who works as a journalist, he was asked by the agency he works for to make a report about the products that Gazan people have in their supermarkets, he refused. I was surprised and asked him about the reason, he told that this will be considered as a betrayal, it will give the impression that Gaza is having no problems, etc. and then he will not be loyal to his own country.  I thought that he was crazy at that moment, apparently he was correct and has predicted what Ghadi Francis was about to face.

What do you think ???

 Written by: Ziad Bakri


  1. you are right brother Ghadi did not mention any thing wrong but it's clear that she didn't make real effort to tell people that although all this welfare many people are still suffering.

    1. First, Thank you very much for reading the article Mohammad. But my question is: do you think people do not know that people of Gaza are suffering??? EVERYONE is talking about the suffering of Gazans... you made me feel as if all the world only watches Ghadi's program and neglects all the other ones... she just showed a different angle of the Gazan situation...

    2. of course all the world knows about Gazans suffering, but I felt like Ghadi is trying to convince the world to change its opinion

  2. here is another thought... showing that DESPITE ALL OBSTACLES TO THE CONTRARY.... gaza has life... which is to say good and bad and UNDER HARDSHIP ghazway STILL BRING LIFE EVERY DAY !!!

    1. I completely agree with you gurlgenius, it all depends on how we see things and interpret them :) thanks for reading and commenting :)


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