Monday, April 29, 2013

Random Conversations... Random Feelings...

"Goodbye, It was so nice seeing you."

"It was, take care."

I started walking away when her question stopped me.

"Don't you wonder sometimes what it would have been like…"

I turned around and smiled, I knew what she was talking about, but remained silent..

"What it would have been if we ended up together ?" she continued.

"I think we would have gotten very crazy children!!" I answered, we both laughed and left. I wonder if her tears fell down when she turned her face away, like mine did!!


" I am cutting my hair and changing  its color, I am going to be quieter, I will be more romantic and I will start loving chocolate."

"But this is not who you are!!" I said to her.

"This is who she is, and he is in love with her, and I am in love with him and I am willing to change myself for him."

"He will never be in love with you."

"He will, one day…" she answered with eyes full of hope..


"It felt like a fish going back to the sea… even though it was my first time in the big scary city, I faced no problems finding my way, I had no hard time dealing with the people …. It felt as if I have been living there for millions of years…"

He stopped for a while and continued " It hurts living in a place that you know that you do NOT belong to. It hurts when you are sure that there is another right place for you but you cannot be there all the time… I just WISH to go back.."

"I am very excited, I feel that we are starting something really big."

"I do, too."

"Don't you love the sea… I don't know why it looks different from this balcony… I can see many dreams in front of me, many dreams becoming true."

"So let's dream big! let's aim to climbing the mountains, reaching the stars, being on top of skyscrapers… let's dream of being the change."

"Let's do it !!"


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