Friday, February 15, 2013

That Melody ...

She could hear the melody ….. It was calling for her.

Wearing a short purple Victorian dress, with a big hat on her head, she followed that melody , it was far away from her , but she could hear it , calling her , her name , her soul , to go there , to that boat.

Her steps were neither quick nor slow, even though she was sure that no one knows her , she was afraid to be judged , she was afraid that the people in the street might know what she was about to do .

She could hear the melody …..

She was leaving , leaving her husband , a man who forgot the meaning of having a wife, of living his life as a human being . He was living like a robot … work, lunch, nap, second work ,sleep . That was his day !! She loved him , but that love faded away with years . It was buried under layers of routine, stress and sadness.

She could hear the melody….

She was leaving , leaving five children behind her , the best thing that has ever happened to her , but the main reason behind her not having a life of her own . She stopped for a while, she could hear their voices, asking her to go back , to take care of them , to hug and kiss them. She did not know how to say goodbye, so she left while they were sleeping.

She could hear the melody….

She was leaving , leaving a life that was not a life anymore for her , it was only time passing , with depression finding its way to her heart with every second, with agony carving its marks over her face and body .

She could hear the melody….

She was leaving , leaving to be with him , he was not better than her husband, and he did not offer her a better life. But he was the first person in twenty years, to recognize her for herself , not for her house, work or children.

He was the first person to tell her that she was a beautiful woman , to remind her of that , to promise her of things related to her , only her , not including any other person . He was the only one who looked in her eyes while talking to her , he was the only one who made her feel as a woman , again.

She reached the boat , the one that would take both of them to travel around the world , to start a new life , a life to be lived , to be felt , to be started.

She stood there ….

The worker asked her "Ma'am , the boat is leaving in a minute , are you getting in ?"

She could see his face , promising her with a new future, and she could see her husband and children suffering after her departure.

"Ma'am , we are leaving , are you coming in ?"

The melody stopped…..


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