Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Can the Past Friendship Overcome the Past Love ??

They say that it is expected for friendship to turn into love , but is the opposite true? Can love turn into friendship, can friends who fell in love go back to their friendship after their love is over ?!!

Being in love with someone means building millions of dreams of what life will be with this person , getting married , having babies and growing old together. So, can they be able to be friends and see each other even though they both resemble an unachieved dream ?!!

And what if one of them moves on and fall in love with another person , and this what eventually is going to happen … friendship will not stop, but acting will start , wearing masks will find its way through the already unstable relationship. Every word will be counted , every action might be misinterpreted , and betrayal will be the haunting ghost for them.

Something will be broken, an unsaid sorry will always fall with every tear in their eyes, an eternal question of 'what if' will always find its way whenever they smile to each other , speak together or even be in the same room.

A lot of people who sense the danger of falling in love with their friends, decide to build a huge wall between them and that love , trying not to ruin a wonderful relationship that a person is lucky to have once in his or her life. Guess what ? even those get hurt , get hurt for not taking the chance to confess their love, but according to them ,they will at least  have the face to look into their friend's face without  feeling ashamed !

There is nothing more beautiful than being in love with your best friend…. But there is nothing riskier either !!! Some take this risk and lucky them !! it works!! While others take it and end up in a challenge that might never end.

Don't you wish that technology will come up with a new invention that can simply control your feelings, erase the ones that are not suitable and keep the ones that are?  A program that has the ability to delete that love and maintain the friendship feelings that you have always had?

We always watch TV series about similar stories and say that this cannot happen in real life, until it does, and then you don't know whether to laugh at it or to cry because of it.

Love and friendship hold the most amazing and peaceful feelings that a person could ever have , but unfortunately , sharing one of them with somebody jeopardizes the presence of the other.…. They can rarely be in the same relationship. What a loss !!


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