Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Different Morning

He woke up with a big smile on his face . It was mother's day . It was all planned in his mind . He hurried to the kitchen and started preparing the usual breakfast he always prepares for her in this occasion.

He started boiling the water and went to the garden , he was not walking , he was almost dancing . When he reached there , he picked a red rose , his mother's favorite , put it in a vase and put it on the tray.

Looking at the flower , he remembered the morning of his first job interview , he was scared and terrified and he thought that he did his best to hide it , but as usual , she understood him and on his way to get out of the house , she hugged him and gave him a rose .

'Don't worry , you will do great God willing . Take this flower , and while it is with you, remember that your mom is praying for you.'

He told her that he is no longer a child and she was exaggerating , but he ended up keeping the flower in his hand until he entered the office for the interview.

While cutting the cheese , he cut his finger , he put his hand under water to stop the bleeding . He smiled , thinking of all the mornings his mother spent by his bed while he was sick , tired or even depressed.

The breakfast was ready , he opened all the windows of the house , he wanted to be full of light and walked to her room.

A flashback of the morning after … after the girl whom he was in love with traveled and he was sure that she won't come back . He stayed in his room and kept the windows closed , even though it was morning , his room was as dark as night with no moon , he never told her that he was in love , but a mother's heart never misses. She knew deep inside that his heart was broken . She got in the room , and opened the windows and told him :"Let the light into your room  , into your life my dear son . We all pass through stages where we lose people or things that mean a lot to us , but life has to go on , and in order to keep living it , we need it to be full of happiness, full of mornings. "

With every step , with every second of that morning , he remembered all the mornings he spent with her . Every smile , every prayer , every tear , every hug , every discussion , every secret , every feeling he had with her .

He opened the door , put the tray on the bed , got down on his knees and started crying .

The bed was empty …..

'I miss you my mother …. Oh God , I really miss you '


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