Thursday, November 15, 2012

The End Of My Little Dream : Gaza War , 2012

I had a little dream , to have a blog that expresses me , my ideas , thoughts , stories, with NO POLITICS AT ALL. Simply, I am the last person to discuss politics ,because I understand nothing about it ,  and I felt that recently , every Gazan blog is related to politics in some way. That is why , My blog's name WAS :"My World In Words : A Politics Free Blog" , like sugar-free stuff. I wanted it to be a new way for others to see that Palestinians are not only about politics, they are about culture, feelings, love, community and dreams.

Today , 16/11/2012 , 04:07 a.m. , I am unable to sleep , because the Israeli planes are bombing everywhere  around our house. The house is LITERALLY shaking , the destroyed places are less than a minute away from us.

It all started before less than forty-eight hours when we were asked to leave our workplace because of the bombing that was happening . My students were terrified, me and the other teachers had to calm them down , make sure they have a safe ride home and went back to ours.

Is it a Déjà vu ? Is 2008 happening AGAIN !!! Oh God, till now , I haven't completely gotten over it . I , the person who was blessed and stayed safe in the last war, havn't gotten over it , what about the others who have lost their beloved ones, houses and hopes ?!

Since then , planes has not stopped flying and roaming in the sky, a reminder that we might be killed at any moment.

Our  friend's house was destroyed , glass gotten into her eyes , they are sleeping in the only one room left . This is just one story !!!

Calls and messages are non-stop , from Gaza and outside Gaza . My  best friend, who is supposed to be having the time of his life getting a training in New York City for five weeks, is calling us, panicking , freaking out , not able to enjoy his time knowing that his family and beloved ones are in danger.

My friends in Gaza are calling and sending messages all the time , it doesn't matter whether it is the middle of the night or noon , we are up all the day , barely sleep for an hour or two to wake up horrified at the voice of another bombing reminding us that it is NOT OUR RIGHT TO SLEEP SAFELY !!!

Another friend of mine, she traveled one day before the problems started, she thought that she would be out of Gaza for a couple of days and then she will be back. She was wrong !!! She doesn't know when she will be back , she became crazy, she wants to come to Gaza now, everyone is trying to calm her down.

 What worries me the most is my mother, she is afraid more than ever .  I want to calm her down , but it requires being a full time actor to pretend that you don't care and the situation is not that bad.

Right now , I am listening to Al Fajr Adan (calling for prayer) … This is all what I have , a belief that Allah will help and protect us .

Praying for Allah to protect all  Gaza's children , mothers, women , men . Asking Allah to be able to see the day where my dreams come true, where I have a life , a normal life, where I can sleep knowing that I am not in danger of being bombed , that I can move safely anywhere  … simply, where I can feel that I am …..  a human being !!!

One last note : My blog's name has changed , it is "My World in Words" , that is it , my little dream is OVER !!!!


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