Sunday, August 5, 2012

Waiting For Him ... Waiting For Her

She was excited , wearing her makeup and getting into her white dress. She was preparing herself for the best moment in her life. All the girls were around her , helping her , talking , singing and even dancing in her room , and he was on the other side of the room , waiting for her to come out. She could see his shadow  from the glass door separating between them , he was standing with his back to the room , trying not to focus or listen to what was going in the room but failing .

She did not need to look at him to feel the love , just being there , feeling his presence was capable of filling her heart with all the love in the world. She loved his silence as much he loved her energy , she loved his black beard as much he loved her green eyes , she loved his smile as much he adored her laughter.

They have always spoke about that moment , the moment he will see her in the white dress , the moment where he will hold her hand and walk with her in front of the whole world , the moment where she will be his and he will be hers.

Looking more beautiful than ever , she walked towards the door opened by her cousin and there he was , waiting for her , looking at the ground , they held hands and started walking under the sounds of the women singing and clapping.

They got out of the house , followed by friends and family members , went down the stairs and stood at the door of the building . She stopped walking , and looked at him , he did not look back , her silence and patience forced him to look at her , she smiled and so did he , tears came down from her eyes while he looked back . That was the happiest moment of her life ! The only moment she will be with the guy she fell in love with , the same moment both of them imagined , the only difference was that it was not their wedding night , it was hers , getting married to his brother , and his only duty was to make sure she arrives to the car safely .

Everything happened in seconds , the people did not have a chance to understand or notice anything . No one noticed that she was in love with him , no one figured out the strong love between them , and when his brother proposed , her father agreed and left her no choice to get out of this marriage , how can she say no to her cousin, how can she say no after her father agreed , traditions were stronger than any love .

The building's door was opened , the moment was over , now she is not his and he will never be hers , she looked ten years older , her happy face turned into a pale one and the excitement in her eyes disappeared .
She got into the car , leaving behind her hopes , dreams and ….. love .


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