Friday, August 31, 2012

The Proposal

" Will you marry me ? " , he asked.

"Why now ?" , she answered with a question.

" Because I love you "

She laughed " And you did not love me before ?"

"I did , but now it is different "

"Different , how ?"

"Now , you have something that belongs to me "

"Is it your heart ?"

"No , it is the key to my heart's melody "

She , with her strapless dress , standing in that freezing weather , refusing to wear his jacket , standing still without any movement ,looked at him for the first time and asked " Your heart's melody?"

He , with his tuxedo , heavy jacket and scarf around his neck , trembling , answered her :" I found out that my heart is full of melody , a happy one , but the key to this melody is you . In addition , the meaning of love has changed in my mind since I have  met you "

She looked away and asked " How ?"

"At first , love for me was that crush , the need to know that person who moves something in me when I  see her . After that , love was liking that girl , listening to her thoughts other than wanting to look at her beauty . And at the end , love is you , knowing that I cannot live without you in my life , because simply , you do complete me "

" I do complete you ? you sound so sure !"

"Of course , I cannot imagine my life without you …"

She took a deep breath , then said " They say love dies after marriage"

"I say that love is recreated after marriage"

"Can you recreate love ?"

"There is always a new meaning to love , a meaning that I am passionately waiting to experience it with you "

They paused , and he asked " Why are you asking all these questions ?"

After a minute of silence , she looked at the brown scarf over his neck and said " I am the one who asks the questions here, not you !"

"Please , change your mind about the jacket thing , it is freezing here "

"Is love enough ?" , she moved to the next question.

"Yes "

"We are different "

" We complete each other"

"I am nervous"

"I am calm"

"I love dark chocolate"

"I will be happy to eat it with you "

"But you hate it …"

"With you , it will be the sweetest thing "

"Will you change for me ?"

"I will"

" I will never change for you "

"I don't want you to change, I just want you the way you are "

" I easily cry "

" I will be there , holding your hand , comforting you "

"Why now ?"

"Because I want to see you when I wake up every day , to feel your smile , 
to start my day with the blessing that we are together."

"Why now?"

"Because I cannot wait to see our children "

"Our children?"

He smiled and said : "A young girl , she is an angel , and a young boy , he is the funniest baby on earth"

"As if you've seen them ?!"

"I do know them "

"You seem very sure ?"

"I AM sure"

"Why me ?"

"Because I love you "

"Why me?"

"Because you make me laugh, because I love to protect you , because….."

"You think I cannot protect myself ?"

"You can , but it is a privilege to take care of you ."

"People get married to be comfortable "

"I would love to be tired because of you "

They paused , then he spoke " Why are you trying to make me change my mind ?"

She looked at him for the second time , looked at his scarf again , and then said "You are stupid and I am crazy "

"Is this an answer?"

"No ,it is not . It is a statement ."

"What do you mean ?"

" Remember , I am the one who asks the questions."

"No , this time I will ask the question , and I need an answer …"

He looked at her eyes firmly and asked "Will you marry me?"

She smiled , took the scarf he was wearing , put it around her neck , and walked away…..


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