Friday, August 17, 2012

My Strange Love During Gaza War : Intro....

" Are you ok ?"

" Yes , I am . What about you? "

"I am fine . I haven't gotten home yet , all the roads next to the ministries are blocked by the police men , they are afraid the ministries will be bombed too, I am running , everyone is running , I can barely hear your voice … Are you home ?"

"No , not yet , there are no taxis ,I am not running , but I am being pushed by everyone around me ,   and the bombing is very strong , I am very scared"

"Don't worry  , it will be fine . It is probably one of their normal bombings , everything will be fine , just go quickly to your home and please ask……"

A huge bombing took place ……

" Oh my God ! Oh my God! I have never imagined that this will happen on my birthday , the party is cancelled for sure and  I don't think it is going to be one of their normal bombings , I don't think so…"

" Listen to me , just go home and please ask Adam to call me as soon as you see him and by the way , your birthday is after five months  "

"No , it is today , and who is Adam ?"

"Adam … your husband … Isn't this Salma?"

"No , it isn't . Apparently you have been talking to the wrong person , and so did I "

We both laughed , and then we heard a stronger bombing , people were screaming and school children 
running all over the place.

" I am so sorry , my fault ….. Anyway , I hope you arrive home safely "

"You too, take care on your way home"

"One more thing …."

"What ?"

"Happy birthday "

And this is how my story began……..

To Be Continued . . .


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