Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Miss You.....

You know them so well that you can figure out when the simple weather talk means that they miss you , when they come up with a silly excuse to explain why all the ways of communication were not available except for calling you to hear your voice , when they look at you by mistake , it all means that they miss you , miss you so much.

There is always a reason , a reason not to talk , not to apologize , not to ask for an explanation , not to express your true feelings . And there is always that lie , that no matter what happens ,honesty and transparency will always be that frame the covers the beautiful picture of you and those you love.

They might be silly , they might be lame , so lame , but at least they try to show their care . The challenging part and the dilemma is when you cannot express your simplest feelings , that wall standing between you and them , preventing you from letting the words out , holding your dreams hostages under its mercy .

Most of the times you find out that there is always a way out of the dilemma , a happy occasion might be the reason of a 'hello' , even a sad one might be the cause of ' I will always be there for you ' .

Unfortunately , sometimes you find out that it is too late , too late to confess  your feelings , to say the words , to fight for what is yours. But is it our right to play the role of the victim , hell NO !!! It is time to play the role of the realistic people who will handle the responsibility of keeping their feelings to themselves , prisoners in a self-built prison , with no way out.

Was it worth waiting ? did the right time come? Did it pay off ?

By the way ………… Hey , how are you ? How is the weather today ? It is very hot , right ?


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