Friday, July 27, 2012

The Green Light

They stood on the pavement , and when the green lights were turned on he walked and she followed. It was a very long road to the other side with hundreds of cars racing and competing over the first place . They never walked when the lights were red , just when they were green .

He walked ahead of her , without even looking at her , and as usual she grabbed his hand firmly as they walked . Even though she was not able to look at his face she could feel his smile , the smile that means that she cannot make it without him .

A long road it was , and a lot of thoughts in her mind they were. This road has never been a normal road , it was their life . He made sure to go through it during the rush hour , to send her a clear message that she will be ran over by cars if she leaves his hand.

What if I let go of his hand ? What will happen ? An idea that she thought about several times. Slowly, she let go of his hand , he did not react and continued walking , it was not the first time for her to do so . She saw three cars coming towards her , so she held his hand again very fast , and this time more firmly.

His smile grew bigger , and she could feel the smell of his victory and her shame . The cars of life are the only reason she is staying with him , the only reason that she is not asking for her rights , the only reason that she has no existence anymore.

She looked around and saw the other people , most of them were standing on the pavement waiting for the red lights so they can walk to the other side , but others were as crazy as her husband . 

She saw a couple walking and holding hands , but not like her and her husband , she could see that the woman was walking happily and safe , it was clear that she wanted to hold her husband's hand not needed to . Another woman was walking alone , she was a little afraid of the cars , but she managed to walk fast and reach the other side . During this time , she and her husband were still in the middle of the road , as usual he was walking very slowly and she had to follow his pace.

At that moment  , she decided to let go of his hand again . She let go , cars came towards her , she grabbed his hand . Again , she let go , cars continued moving towards her , and while tears coming down her eyes , she grabbed his hand again . She tried it for the third , fourth and fifth time . Finally , she was able to walk without holding his hand , but next to him .

He did not say a word, because he was sure that she will end up holding his hand again. Now , her challenge was a different one , can she walk pass him ? She whispered to herself "Yes , you can . Yes , you can " . With every drop of strength she had, she walked faster and looked forward . She did not think for a second to look back at her husband who did not recognize her since it was the first time she walks ahead of him .

Suddenly , the red lights were turned on . All the people walked in the street and went to the other side , her husband got distracted for a moment . A minute passed , the green light was on again , people were no longer in the street , cars continued their ways . He looked around………………..She was not there !!!!
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