Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Tulip Flowers by her Side

He stood there with his tiny body , watching the huge people passing by and the big school children running to their schools. It was the first day of kindergarten , and it was the first time for him to stand up and wait for the bus. Facing that big world made him scared . He looked around for safety , but it wasn't there, he was about to cry when he felt it , he turned his face and looked at that window , his mother was standing there , next to the tulips she and him used to water every day , she was as terrified as her baby who was facing the world alone for the first time .

She wanted to cry , but she managed to put a smile on her face to comfort him , when he saw her , his fear turned into happiness , he smiled and started waving at her , she waved back and smiled with tears falling down her eyes. During the fifteen minutes of waiting he did not stop looking at his mother  and waving at her .

Thirteen years old was his age , playing football with his friends , he looked at the window and saw her watching him . He got angry because he did not want to be the boy whose mommy is watching him , she noticed his reaction and went inside . At the last moment of the game , he scored the winning goal for his team , he and his friends were cheering and screaming happily , he looked at the window hoping his mother will be there to witness his victory , and yes she was , hiding behind the curtains , smiling and proud .

Shy , embarrassed and terrified , he stood there next to her . Should he say hi , should he start a conversation , she was his first crush , his first heart beat and his first love.  He was not sure whether she liked him or not , she moved to the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago , and every time she goes down to wait for her bus , he makes the impossible to find a reason to go down and stand by her side.

Without thinking , he looked for support , he turned his face towards the window , he saw his mother smiling at him as usual . He couldn't believe his eyes when she pointed to his mobile , he looked at it and found a message from her : " I think she likes you too  , just say hello and talk to her about the weather " . He was shocked when he saw his mother's message , but that did not prevent him from doing what she asked him to do . Fifteen minutes later , he and the girl were having a wonderful conversation , their faces were shining with happiness , for a moment he forgot the presence of his mother , but when he looked at the window and saw her , they exchanged a smile and he told the girl to say hi to his mom , while looking at her waving for his mom , he figured out that he was in love with her even though before that moment , he did not know what love is !

Wearing his tuxedo , going to the barber to cut his hair , he went down the stairs happily . Not walking but running towards the night of his dreams , his wedding night , were his new life with the girl he loves will start . His friends were waiting for him downstairs , and while they were hugging and kissing him , he looked at the window , at the tulips , at his mother . His mother who was full of happiness and pride , fighting the tears of happiness but losing the battle. Reading Quran verses asking Allah to protect him and give him a wonderful life in the future.

He moved to another house with his new family , whenever he had a problem , he would call his mother and tell her that he wants to see her , he knew that she will be by the window waiting for him to arrive. He had never told her what his problem was , but looking at her face while walking in the street would give him the absolute feeling of safety and self confidence , and by the time he arrives to her home he acts normally .

He stood there with his big body , watching the normal people passing by and the school children running to their schools . Facing the world made him scared  and terrified. He looked around for safety , but it wasn't there , he was about to cry , he turned his face and looked at that window ……….. the tulips were not there and nor was she .

He waited for her to show up so he could wave at her , seconds , minutes and hours have passed . He was sure …. She was gone . Tears fell down his eyes while he rode the car going to her funeral  , he was not able to see her , but he could smell the tulips !!!

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