Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Father (R. I . P)

Ten years have passed since my father died …. A friend  told me once  that with a boy growing into becoming a man , the sadness will disappear and the memories will get further away …….. my friend told me that I will be able to finally say goodbye for the last time …….. Unfortunately. my friend was wrong , what he did not know is that with a boy growing into a man the feeling of missing him is growing bigger , my sadness is more and it still an impossible thing to say goodbye.

Dad , even though I did not have the chance to know you a lot , I wish to be a wonderful father in the future, the father that I am sure you would have been  if you were around  .

Moving on is a reality that I have to deal with , but letting go is an option that I will never chose . Even though I cannot see you , I can feel your soul around us .

Ali Bakri , my father , dad , daddy …………….. I miss so much , I need you so much , I love you so much , may you rest in peace. 

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