Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Her Autumn

She was walking in the roads of autumn , leaves falling off the trees and the gentle winds  touching her skin . No one was in the street but her , she did not know why but at that moment she was extremely happy . She believed that she belonged to that road at that specific moment , she felt as if it was her own.

Autumn was her favorite season , but there was something mysterious about it this time  , she was not feeling the same  , something has changed but she cannot figure out what was it . While walking she thought of the source of happiness in her heart , and as moments passed her confusion grew bigger .

Sitting on a bench in the park , listening to the sound of silence , she smiled . What is that feeling that she has that is causing her this happiness ? Why does she want to scream and gather everyone around her to share her the best  moments of her life? It was a secret  that she has been hiding from her own self.

As autumn announces its arrival , suddenly with no warnings , that feeling did the same . She decided to solve this mystery by thinking of everyone and everything in her life , maybe she will be able to see what has been hiding.

Hours passed , and surprisingly she was not willing to leave the road nor losing hope on finding an answer . She kept looking at the remains of flowers and the two kids who were holding hands , running to reach their home . She looked at the kids and figured out that she , the girl who has  never thought of having kids , wants to be a mother of lovely kids who will fill her life with more happiness than the one that she was experiencing at that moment.

But why ? what happened that made her change her mind ? Why has settling down became an appealing idea to her ? Why has it become a dream and goal to achieve?

Right then it hit her , the reality . Out of no where his picture came to her mind and she realized that he was the reason behind her sudden happiness and her wishes of living the dream . At that moment she realized that she was in love with him , he whom she has known for a long time , he whom she talked with , smiled at and cried in front of but never thought of him as someone she could fall in love with.

As the wind became stronger , she knew why everything happened at that day at that moment . It was all because he was her autumn , he was twenty years older than her , and the leaves falling off the trees where his , and the wind that was getting stronger is what she has to face in case she decides to go on with this love.

Autumn was her favorite , but was she sure she was his , or is she too young and too immature for it  ? The leaves wouldn't have fallen except for hard and difficult experiences and the trees couldn't have stood in the face of winds unless it has been ready for them , is she ready ? is she ready to face her autumn and tell him how does she feel ?

And if her autumn loves her , how will her life be ? will it be like the road she was walking in , empty and lonely because everyone wants to see her with a spring person , someone with green leaves , with a lot of people surrounding them and birds singing over the lands that are filled with beautiful flowers.

Her smile turned into sadness , how did it happen ? how did she fall in love with him , he was not a person to even consider , is it his wisdom ? the feeling of comfort she has with him ? or the mystery covered behind his eyes?

Simply , it was love , she fell in love with her autumn . She was overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings . She had one thought only , will her autumn be her spring ???

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