Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Watermelon

"Am I being punished for my success ?" That is the question that Salma asked herself after the guy she was in love with for two years told her that he cannot marry her because she earns more money , has a higher position and belongs to a better family.

She thought he was lying to cover another reason , but after giving it a lot of thoughts and hundreds of conversations , she had to face the reality . It is true !

Success is a bitter sweet fruit , you achieve a lot of goals , shine in your field and feel excellent about yourself . But on the other hand , it affects your relations with family , friends and lovers.

Salma sat with herself and started thinking , should she feel sorry for being a successful women , or should she forget about this guy and go find someone who can really support her and appreciate what she is doing.

But is there a guy like this ? is there a friend like this ? is there a family like this ? A person who is willing to support you one hundred percent knowing that this support will lead to increase the gap between you two .

There is a quote that says " No one can hold more than one watermelon in a hand" . I don't believe in this because a lot of people have friends , families and good jobs. But is the watermelon of success that BIG that in order to hold it you have to let go of all the others ?!!!

Ziad Bakri
April 20th , 2011

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