Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten Seconds....

Ten seconds …….. One word …….One action………One look .
Ten seconds is what it takes to realize truths that have been hiding for years , to make the toughest decisions in your life , to destroy some great relations or to built great ones.
Ten seconds…….One word …………One action………..One look.
He picked the red shirt …..
She stood in the shop shocked , not knowing what to do or how to react . She was with her husband shopping , and when she found a shirt that she liked  , her husband asked her what color she wants .
“I will take the one in my favorite color” she answered.
He picked the red one !! After  ten years of marriage  he picked the red one !!! After ten years of marriage he still doesn’t know what is her favorite color .
She realized that over the decade that she has spent with him , he has never paid attention to she likes or what she wants , it has only been about him , what he needs and what he wants.
Right in the middle of the shop she told him : “I want a divorce !!”

“I love you “
He said nothing . He just waited for her to jump and tell him that she was joking . But she remained silent  , waiting for him to answer or to respond .
She is his best friend , they shared secrets , good moments , tears and they have always been there for each other.
He was sure , as she did , that there friendship is over , but will it be a start of a new relationship , or will it be the start of the end of a wonderful five year friendship.
He looked at her , held her hand and told her : “I love you too, but as my sister , I love you too ! “
“Don’t worry , everything is going to be fine “
That is what her son told her when she heard the bad news about her business. She couldn’t  believe what she heard or the way her son put his arms around her shoulder.  She realized at that moment  that her little boy has become a man , someone she can rely on .
But where was she while he was growing up , while  he was getting away from being an innocent kid playing with his toys and knowing nothing about life ? She was at work  , building her career , empowering her business and investing for the future.
Was it worth it ? Was it worth it ?
“I am sure it will be ok sweetie, let’s forget about it now . What do you think about going on a trip together  or doing any activity . I really want to spend time with you , I really miss you !!!”
He looked at her ……
It was a family gathering , all of them were there . They turned on the tv to watch their favorite show , it was a poetry competition. All of them were huge fans of poetry.
She was standing at the kitchen’s door , looking at them while they were watching . The poet was reciting a love poem , a poem were he discusses his love and passion towards the girl he loves .
With the sweet words coming from the poets mouth , she looked at her husband , she saw in his eyes a look full of love, a look that she has never seen before, but his look wasn’t directed at her , it was directed at their cousin , the one he was in love with in the past but couldn’t marry .
She was hurt , she was sad , she was angry .
She cut the electricity off !!!
One look ………. One Action………… One Word……….Ten Seconds !
Ziad Bakri
November 6th, 2011

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