Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skirt , Jeans , Scarf or a Veil : Oppression , lack of morals or Prejudice?

"A girl without religion , morals and ethics " , that is what  a lot of the people in  Gaza's streets will describe the girl who is not wearing a scarf on her head. On the other hand , the fact that a girl is wearing a scarf is a sign that she is an angel with no flaws , of course I am still talking about the same people , the people that I will call 'Judges' in this article.
Looks matter , it is no new thing , but it  seems that for a lot of people it is ALL what matters to build a judgment . The more you cover is the purer you are. I wonder, have these people waited for a second to talk or  interact with them before DECIDEING what group does these girls belong to ? Yes, DECIDING , because for the 'Judges' , it is their main responsibility to determine if you are a good or bad person.
A friend of mine (who does not wear a scarf) was in her office working , at that time she was still a new employee , she closed the door of her office and prayed , everyone in her office was shocked , " Do you pray?" one of her colleagues asked while all of them were gathering around her as if she was an alien.
Wearing a head scarf is a part of Islam , it has many reasons and values , but it is NOT the only thing that determines whether a girl is good or not. Simply , Islam is treatment. A lot of girls who wear the scarf are representing Islam greatly  by behaving in the correct way , while others represent Islam by no way.
If 'Not wearing a scarf' is treated unfairly , then 'Wearing a scarf' is too , and not by people who are not a part of the society and  want to show that women are oppressed , but by the Arab women who  claim that wearing a scarf is an obstacle in their way just to get the attention of the foreign media
Girls with a scarf work , study , go out , meet their friends and follow their dreams . So, how are they oppressed exactly ? . What these girls should know is that not wearing a scarf does not  mean that they are modern or open minded , because these things are related to the way they think rather than the way they look.
Bottom line , the girl can wear what she wants in Gaza  , but it is being between the devil and the deep sea , she has to deal with one of two stereotypes: The bad one who does not wear a scarf or the oppressed one  who wears it.
So, whether you are wearing a skirt , jeans  or abaya with or without a scarf , you are my mother, sister , colleague , friend , future wife and daughter and I RESPECT you until you prove me wrong !!!!
Ziad Bakri
November 19th,2011

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