Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Other One .... The Other Her

All the women at the funeral became silent when they saw her entering the house. The only heard sound was the one of her heels while walking .  He , was a 42 year old man who died because of a car accident , he was married and had two children . She , was the other woman , some refer to her as the middle age crisis , others call her the 'other woman'  but most people chose not to talk about her at all.
While walking through the room , she could feel their looks , every look was an accusation , a guilt and a knife , a knife that was directly pointed at her heart , but she did not care , she continued walking.
She reached his wife and stood in front of her . Even though his wife has never met her before , she needed no words , no time and no introduction  to know her , the woman who was the reason of the destruction of her life , the source of her shame because of ruining her marriage  and the big insult for her as a woman who were not able to keep her husband's love.
The women were looking at them , not knowing what to do or say . They expected them to fight , scream or even argue , but there expectations were completely wrong .
His wife reached her………
She reached her and hugged her ………
She reached her , hugged her and cried ……..
Everyone was in shock , how could she do this ? how could she hug the women whose husband was in love with ? The thing that they did not know was that at that moment , his wife did not see the other women who stole her husband from her , but she saw the only person who can understand her feelings , the only person who loved her husband truly , the only person  who occupied a big part of her husband's heart .
She hugged her because she was the only person who feels exactly the loss of that man , a woman who had real moments of happiness with him , the only women whose heart is broken for his loss.
She hugged her because at the moment she figured out that the other woman was actually …….. the other her!
Ziad Bakri  
July 22nd, 2011

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