Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On The Wall

For him , I was just a guy that he barely knows . But for me , he was the hero of a great love story that I will always remember ……
It all started when I went to my friend's office one day , she has always been known for her obsession with every single detail . I was surprised to see that her clean office has a signature on its wall. I asked her about the reason of that signature and why she hasn't asked anyone to clean the wall , she smiled and told me that this is his signature, the guy that she is in love with . At that moment , I only knew little about him , but through her eyes  I saw a new person , a wonderful one that changed her life and made it better , he gave her a reason to move on and fight to reach her goals.  Every time I used to go to her office and my eyes would see his signature , me and her would exchange a look and smile , because that signature meant for all the people around her a stain on the wall , but for her and me , it was a sign of love.
Days passed by and that look of love turned into a look of sadness. Things were not going on very well between them . He wanted to go and propose to her , but both their families were against their love. No one agreed , no one even supported them . She was destroyed and so was he, but they were both determined to win the challenge of their life and be together. And whenever I saw his signature , we both would exchange a look , a look that says that she will fight till the last moment. His signature was a sign ….. a sign of hope.
Two years have passed , and the happy story did not have a happy ending . They couldn't stand in the face of the enormous obstacles they were facing. They surrendered , and after a while she got married to the son of her father's friend . She quit her job and traveled with her new husband. And since then , I knew nothing about him . And whenever I passed by her office ,I looked at his signature. It was a sign …. a sign of the end of their love story.
It all came back to me when I saw him at a public place , we exchanged smiles . I couldn't stop myself from going to him and talking to him . He told me that he got engaged , the problem is that when he said it , I did not see the spark in his eyes , I did not see the happiness I used to see in the past.
Even though I had no reason to go to her office , I did my best to come up with a reason to go there. And when I got into the office , I went immediately to her old  office and looked at the wall. Surprisingly , it was still there ….. the signature was there….  Till this moment , I still remember his signature , his signature that is a sign ….. a sign of a great love story between two wonderful people , a sign of happy moment s and memories ,  and above all of that …. a sign of the happy ending that they would have had….
Ziad Bakri
January 21st,2012

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