Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Love Investment

I was very surprised when I received an sms message from my friend telling me that she decided to get back to her husband . Anyone who knows what problems they had will definitely think that there is no way for them to complete their lives together.

I couldn't stop myself from calling her and asking about the reason , her answer was very strange " I decided to go back to him because I have invested a lot in this marriage . "

More confused than surprised I asked : " Invested ? Are we still discussing the same topic or have you developed a new passion of  stocks ?!!!"

She laughed and said :" I have been married for four years which is not a short period , and believe me I have put a lot of efforts in this marriage that it seems ridiculous to give up on it no matter what . Yes , I have invested my time , efforts and life and I am not willing to let it all go away . "

I hang up with her asking myself one question : " Since when has love become an investment ? " , " Since when has it become about the 'Quantity' not the 'Quality' ?

I remember one day a student in my class asked us to describe love in one word . Everyone started speaking about feelings and emotions except for one young man , he said that for him , love is respect . I was very happy to hear these words coming out from him and now I am happier that he thinks this way at a time where love has became related to the number of years two people have been together.

Another thing came up to my mind , how many relations have continued because a lot have been INVESTED in them ? How many friendships , marriages and work relations?

The next day I sent my friend an sms message telling her " Hey , I wish you the best of luck in your investment , and I hope that the price of your stocks will go up !!!"

Ziad Bakri
July 19th , 2011

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