Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Old Are You ?

Being there made me feel like an alien . I know them , like them , but there were a lot of different things . It was my friend's engagement party , it took me ten minutes to figure out the reality , I don't belong there.!

I used to spend most of my time with these guys , we used to go out , play and discuss our daily lives . But for some reason , and even though we are almost the same age, I felt really older , as if I was sitting with babies, not with guys who were almost my same age.

It took me one hour to reach the party and fifteen minutes to leave it . On my way home I started thinking : Is it my fault or theirs ? How come we became different ?

What a person passes through makes him who he is ; your experiences, challenges and the surroundings. For me, all of these things have pushed me to the edge of being mature or at least behaving like one .

All people think that being mature is not wrong , and I totally agree , it is something I should be proud of , but having it as a full time thing is wrong . It is very nice to laugh at silly jokes from time to time , to do something nice for yourself without thinking of when , how and how much or to learn something as a hobby not because it will help you have a better career  but just because you like it .

It is nice to be mature, but it is great to know how to be mature and live your life at the same time .

My actual age is twenty three , but my real age is thirty !!!

 So, how old are you ?

Ziad Bakri
July 20th, 2011

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