Tuesday, January 31, 2012

His Death Sentence

He was sure that signing that paper is signing his own death sentence. But for some reason he did not care , he went on with it without even thinking of the consequences.
The paper he signed was his marriage certificate to the girl he has always been in love with , the girl whom he dreamed to grow old with , have children and spent the rest of their lives together. The only problem was that she was not in love with him , she was in love with another man who left her ,  dumped her and broke her heart.
There are a lot of things that girls don't know , but there is no way for a girl to miss a guy who is interested in her,  she might act as if she doesn’t know , but she will probably be aware with  every single detail of what  is going around her .
In the past , she decided not to pay attention to his crush on her , he was her friend and she valued their friendship more than anything , but after the guy she was in love with left her she found herself alone, devastated and desperate for someone to fill that emptiness in her heart.
She proposed to him , she bent on her knees and asked him to marry her , both of them were sure of their feelings, he is madly in love with her and she wanted a rebound . He felt sad , humiliated and worth nothing , but he agreed. He agreed !!!
He knew that she will never be in love with him , and even though she was his friend , she was selfish . She only thought of herself and totally ignored him .The friendship that she valued at one time meant nothing compared to her humiliated ego .
 He was sure that she might and she will end the marriage at any moment t, whenever she feels that she has to move on with her life and start a new chapter . He knew that what he was doing was a huge  mistake but that did not prevent him from proceeding with the marriage .
What happens to us ? why do we do wrong things despite being sure that they are completely wrong and they will end up breaking our hearts ? Why do we allow ourselves to open a gate that is full of suffering.
He picked up the pen and signed !!!!
Ziad Bakri
November 8th, 2011


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  2. Your way of writing is so attractive. With each word I'm impatient to know what is next! It's a great talent ..

    You entitled this post "His Death Sentence" as if you are sure that it's a disastrous decision … Still there is a chance that she will love him for his tenderness and understanding ..

    It's simply a story of unconscious love .. which holds great risk and unguaranteed consequences !

    Obviously u can notice that she was drowning .. in a deep need for someone to save her .. he was the closest and that's why she selected him .. it's not selfishness .. it's stupidity of escape ..

    She was simply out of her mind .. and he seemed to be the same .. ! He could act wisely by being by her side to stand up again and be back to her life, giving her the chance and the distance to think consciously. Another chance, not to lose her .. and not to face future regrets ..

    But he didn't .. he took the risk.. coz of his blind love and her sadness.. & time only will show the consequences of this decision ..

  3. Dear Line,

    First , i am very happy to read your fantastic comments. There is no doubt that love is blind , and sometimes people do not think about their own happiness as much as they think about the happiness of the people they love.

    Did he make the wrong decision ? of course he did , but for him , he took the risk believing that there is 1% chance that she might love him , and i hope she will.....

    Thanks again for your comment my new friend....


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