Tuesday, January 31, 2012

By The Sea

Right there she stood , in front of the mighty sea. She was happy , excited and afraid at the same time . She wasn't sure what she was doing there , she did not even know how she agreed to see him . It just felt the right thing to be done .

She tried to think about what will happen next , she asked the sea , maybe it will give her a clue or even an advice  , but the sea was clever enough not to tell her anything . She kept waiting while her hair was flying with the gentle breeze.

Moments felt like ages , she did not hear or see him , she just felt him coming. His steps on the sand were slow but steady . Along with every step closer to her , her heart was beating faster .  He stood by her side , few inches away . He wanted to look at her but couldn't , he believed that she was very valuable and vulnerable  that if he looks at her she will be hurt . He kept looking at the sea , smiling.

Both of them were smiling , admiring the sea , dying to look at each others , killed by the desire to confess their feelings to each others , to themselves !! They felt that the big sea in front of them was not enough for their feelings.   

Minutes have passed , she decided to leave . At that moment , he pulled every piece of courage he has got and looked at her  , and while she was turning around ……… their eyes met ………….time has stopped , even the waves of the sea became silent , and where did that music come from ? They were flying , flying , flying !!!

She turned around and left , doing her best to get away but not to run . At that moment , a lot of things were uncertain , but there was one thing for sure …….. A young man and a young lady were in love .

Ziad Bakri.
May 11th, 2011

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